July 25, 2021

The emblematic escalator of the renovated Pompidou Center

Before the major project which will begin in the fall of 2023, the Center Pompidou completed its first facelift on Wednesday June 16: a single entrance has been fitted out in its piazza and its « chenille » escalator has been completely redone.

Since the start of the works, at the end of summer 2019, the piazza, a large sloping square in front of the museum, had been closed to the public. Visitors and students all had to enter from the rear of the building, where temporary elevators had been installed. With this renovation, the museum and the Public Information Library (BPI), the first public reading room in Paris, will have a common entrance.

Signature of the futuristic building by architect Renzo Piano inaugurated in 1977, the « chenille » which allows you to discover old Paris, as you go from floor to floor, has also been redone, even if its exterior appearance has not changed.

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Closure scheduled for 2023

After forty years of intensive use and more than 250 million users, it was necessary to replace the escalators and modernize the passageways by improving their thermal comfort, particularly in summer. All the glass panels of the track and the passageways have therefore been replaced.

The public can freely use the caterpillar to go up to admire the view, without having to pay a ticket. And access to the Forums on the ground floor and in the basement remains free to attend events such as debates and performances.

The Center Pompidou will close completely at the end of 2023 for a second, much larger project, before reopening its doors at the beginning of 2027: it will consist of its asbestos removal and its renovation, in order to meet safety standards and various standards. technical, fire-fighting, etc. It will also be a question of obtaining energy savings and making it more accessible to people with disabilities.

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