July 29, 2021

the god of mischief works in the library

Of course, we will see the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, and a cataclysmic hurricane that hits Alabama in 2050. We can count on the Marvel teams so that the representation of these past and future disasters benefits the latest innovations in digital imaging. Nevertheless: the top of this second episode of Loki features the meal of two employees in an uninviting cafeteria, a meal during which one of the two guests (Loki, Tom Hiddleston) makes the second’s salad (Mobius , Owen Wilson) inedible by making it the representation of a universe on the verge of apocalypse.

Is that the conversation flies high: the god of mischief and the official of Time Variance Authority (TVA) dissert on free will, fate and even the finality of the universe which the Time Lords owe “Unravel the epilogue among an infinity of branches”. And since we are talking about a tree, Loki seems to be the branch of the great tree of Marvel fictions on which the nerds the most hardened will be able to make their nest.

Not only will they find there this version in boxes and bubbles of the philosophy which for a long time made the singularity of the purveyor of all-terrain fictions that Stan Lee imagined, but they will be able to make good use of the encyclopedic knowledge accumulated by the true amateurs. Among other things, they will be able to locate the surprising appearance which concludes this second episode.

Triumph and crisis

Previously, the Loki-Mobius duo will have experienced their first triumph and their first major crisis. By dint of work in the library (a good part of the story remains confined to the local VAT claims), the god of mischief manages to locate the evil alter ego that he is committed to arrest. This other Loki, born of a divergence in the temporal flow (we call that a “variant”), takes refuge in the moments preceding the great catastrophes (hence the eruption and the typhoon), these distorting the instruments. VAT measurement.

Tom Hiddleston continues to accentuate the childish side of his character, and his triumphant demeanor as he shares Mobius with the results of his research would melt the heart of the most jaded of schoolteachers. It also has the effect of neutralizing the following question: if VAT agents exercise their authority in an unlimited temporal dimension, how could they have ignored this property of catastrophic events for an entire eternity? It is also one of the functions assigned to actors in the Marvel series to fill, by dint of charm and brilliance, the gaps in the scenario.

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