July 25, 2021

the government puts pressure on nursing home staff who are still reluctant

“Solemn appeal” beneficial or “Sterile controversy” who risks “Rob” caregivers? By threatening, once again, Thursday, June 17, to make the vaccination of nursing home staff compulsory, Olivier Véran put his finger on the nerve center of the government’s vaccination strategy.

While“60% of French adults have already received an injection”, noted the Minister of Solidarity and Health on BFM-TV-RMC, “In Ehpad, we are at 50%” of employees who have received at least one dose. “I consider it essential and ethical to be vaccinated, when you are in contact with vulnerable people”, continued the minister. And to add: “If, by the end of the summer, things were not to improve, then yes, we would ask ourselves the question of a vaccination obligation for these particular audiences. “

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Public Health France (SPF) completed the table on Thursday, indicating that barely 42% of professionals in nursing homes and long-term care units (USLD) were fully vaccinated. Just over half (55%) of them have already received a dose. This is much less than residents or patients, who were 81% fully vaccinated. SPF observes that the rate of progression “Slowed down” among professionals for several weeks.

Higher score among nurses

The figures put forward by the sector are however higher than the calculations of SPF. The Korian group indicates a vaccination rate of its caregivers “From 65% to 70%”. The SOS Seniors group estimates it at 65%. The French Hospital Federation (FHF) estimates it at 60%. “There are big differences from one establishment to another and from one professional category to another, details Marc Bourquin, strategy advisor at the FHF. The score is higher among nurses than among nursing assistants. ”

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Sophia Bah is one of the vaccine-resistant. “I clearly do not trust thisonfies this nursing assistant to the Abbey Residence, a nursing home in Saint-Maur-des Fossés (Val-de-Marne). Jfear long term side effects and infertility. Vaccination of employees is not the main problem since residents are almost all vaccinated. The most serious for me is the lack of personnel while the heatwave threatens like every summer. ” If, she adds, “I have to get vaccinated to keep my job, I will, but reluctantly.”

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