July 27, 2021

“The temporary use of a health pass is necessary if we want a lasting way out of the crisis”

Dfor a month, the situation health is improving markedly: are we out of the woods for all that? Failure to comply with protection and distancing measures (due to growing fatigue), a slowdown in vaccination (due to still high vaccine hesitation, especially among young people) or the proliferation of highly contagious variants (such as the Indian variant) ) mean that the risk of an epidemic rebound, for example after the summer, cannot be ruled out.

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What strategy to adopt in this case? Will it be necessary to close everything again? In the short term, how to manage the reopening of places with the highest risk of transmission? These questions cannot be evaded and to answer them, the health, economic and psychological dimensions (the importance of the return of socialization, in particular for young people) must be taken into account. We consider that the pass health is an essential element of a contingent strategy making it possible to open certain activities more quickly and avoid the return of “stop and go” and the resulting uncertainty.

Designed with respect for privacy

Its temporary use is necessary, beyond events bringing together more than 1,000 people, if we want a lasting way out of the crisis. It is not a question of making the vaccine compulsory, since the health pass is accessible by two other routes, just as important and recognized: the negative test or the certificate of recovery from Covid-19. In addition, it has been designed with respect for privacy. The use of the pass is all the more justified as all our compatriots now have access to vaccination. Those who have chosen the vaccine should not have their freedom limited by those who refuse it.

In a very concrete way, the sanitary pass would allow the reopening of unrestricted bars, and nightclubs from June 30, and provide the option of replacing everywhere else the accesses with limited gauges (without pass) by full accesses with the pass. . This would be the best way to reconcile sanitary prudence, economic recovery and the return of social interactions.

“It’s not the people who are being traced, but the virus. Let’s not forget it ”

In addition to the economic damage for the operators of these places for which no solution has been found, and who seized the Council of State [afin que soient intégrés en urgence les établissements de nuit dans le plan de déconfinement au même titre que les concerts et les mariages, demande rejetée le 21 mai], considering himself victims discrimination and disproportionate measures, a situation of prolonged closure can amplify the phenomenon of clandestine assemblies. Conversely, their openness would allow young people to regain their freedom of socialization, while retaining the possibility of controlling the evolution of the epidemic. Abroad, more and more countries are implementing similar tools, whether for traveling (as in Italy) or for participating in social activities (in Denmark, Austria, Hungary or Belgium). It is not the people who are being traced, but the virus. Let’s not forget that.

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