July 26, 2021

two new places to discover in Saint-Ouen and Ivry-sur-Seine

“Volonté 93” can be read on the facade, a stone’s throw from the Saint-Ouen flea market. The lettering plays on the walls with inscriptions from another age, and we imagine that Prosper Legault, one of the creators of the place, is no stranger to this typographical joke, he who creates urban collages from illuminated signs (the Nativity all in neon lights recently exhibited in the Saint-Eustache church, or the installation that covers the Grande Halle de La Villette as part of the “100% Villette” exhibition, that’s him). The artists’ collective of the same name has just opened an exhibition space, the culmination of an adventure that began four years ago with the spotting by three friends of a vacant warehouse, owned by the town hall.

The process began discreetly: the squat consisted of cleaning, rehabilitating and rearranging the places to transform them into workshops for plastic artists and musicians under a beautiful overhead light. Everything has accelerated for a year until the dialogue started with the town hall, which resulted in the constitution of an association, and the obtaining of a derogatory lease for eighteen months at the beginning of May. Launched by twenty-somethings, this artist-run space has the distinction of having associated with the dynamics of more established contemporary artists, such as painters Antwan Horfee and Mario Picardo. Many have gone through the Fine Arts and the practice of graffiti. The 1,200 m2 of the place now include a space of 50 m2 directly accessible from the street.

The opportunity, with the first exhibition, to discover the work of the residents (there are about fifteen), like that of Alexander Raczka, in whom, from sculptures to paintings, inanimate objects slide towards a disturbing organic strangeness. Or that of the young American Sequoia Scavullo, whose paintings reveal metamorphoses linked to desire. She is the co-curator of the hanging with Emma Passera, who for her part presents a reliquary-talisman of her romantic break-ups. It is the latter’s involvement in a program within the Fine Arts for young migrant artists that will give rise to the next exhibition (from June 17 to 24, by three curators from the Palais de Tokyo).

« Expo immersive »

A more precarious and a little crazy project, Le Terrain Vague de Bisk opens to the public for the first time this Friday in Ivry-sur-Seine for an indefinite period. In full reconfinement, last November, the young graffiti artist and metal sculptor Bisk had secretly invested an enclosed space serving as a waste reception center on the edge of the artist squat Le Totoro. A ground strewn with rubbish and almost impassable, which he had completely painted.

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