Meet 3 wallets with support for armored addresses from Zcash

With the growth of adoption, cryptocurrencies aim to become a means of payment and therefore investors are increasingly looking for wallets that offer security and privacy. ZCash (ZEC) belongs to the group of the ten most important privacy crypto assets in the cryptocurrency sector.

Zcash was created in October 2016 as a fork of Bitcoin. It was developed and launched by Zerocoin Electric Coin Company and its CEO Zooko Wilcox. The project is focused on enabling the totally private exchange of funds on a completely transparent and open blockchain.

In fact, the project uses a technology called zk-SNARK, developed in order to protect the identity of users of Zcash. The protocol of this cryptocurrency allows you to choose between shielded and unshielded addresses. Protected addresses provide complete anonymity, while unprotected addresses are relatively transparent.

Thus, Zcash allows users to use “z” or “t” addresses. Addresses beginning with a “z” are fully protected and anonymous. Whereas the addresses that start a “t” are transparent and behave similarly to a bitcoin address.

When transacting with z-addresses (z-addresses), although they are registered on the Zcash blockchain, the participants and the transaction amount are kept anonymous. Additionally, the current price of the ZEC token, according to the portal, It is around $ 48.09, so it can be an interesting asset for some investors.

If you have decided to buy Zcash due to its privacy features, in this article you will find the description of three compatible z-address wallets to manage your ZECs. It should be remembered that users should take precautions with your passwords and make sure to make regular backups in order to protect your money.

These wallets have Zcash shielded addresses available:


According to the documentation on your website, ZecWallet, is the first purse z-Addr (z-directions) compatible with Zcash Sapling upgrade.

It is a desktop wallet that works as a full node, that is, it saves the complete record of the Zcash blockchain. This could be a disadvantage as it involves significant system requirements. Its developers recommend 5 GB of free RAM and 25 GB of free disk, in order to accommodate the gradual growth in the size of the blockchain.

It is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems. Users can download ZecWallet from the GitHub project repository releases page, just by following the instructions for the platform of their choice.

He adds that it is important for the user to keep their version of ZecWallet up-to-date as new functions are added regularly and bugs are fixed. To do this, the user must download the function, follow the instructions to install, since their data directory and wallet will not be modified. Its developers clarify that ZecWallet is not an official wallet, and is not affiliated with Electric Coin Company in any way.

ZecWallet launched an Android mobile application, which is currently in beta. ZecWallet Android is listed in the Google Play Store as a “companion application” to its desktop version. In order to function, the application needs to connect to the node operated from the main desktop application.

This allows the information to be routed between the device and the computer that operates the node.. The application still presents some details that could be seen as disadvantages or “limitations”, as they call them on their website. Among them are that new addresses cannot be generated from the phone, nor can it be chosen from which address the transaction will be sent, but the application will automatically choose the Sapling protocol, if there are funds for it.


ZECmate It is a wallet compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. It’s open source, available on its GitHub repository. It also functions as a full node, which means that, like the previous wallet, it maintains a complete copy of the Zcash blockchain on a local machine. This allows the maintenance and backup of the blockchain file.

According to its web portal, the ZECmate Swing Wallet is a port of the HoriZEN Swing wallet, which offers an audience-friendly user interface of Zcash on the mentioned platforms. It further states that each of its versions is duly signed by Zel Technologies for each platform, to provide assurance of the quality of the software.

ZECmate supports Sprout and Sapling private addresses for both transactions and private messaging, with Sapling ‘z’ addresses being the default for the messaging identity. The developers of this wallet ensure the updates and support of each new version of Zcash, which allows user interaction with the Zcash blockchain.

It also has the native Zcash wallet encryption option. It also provides a migration tool for Sprout-to-Sapling built-in, does not use third-party servers, and ensures that private keys are always kept by the user.

Look at Wallet

Look at Wallet is a lightweight multi-currency non-custodial wallet that supports Zcash. With the help of the Zcash Foundation, they developed a lightweight, open-source, custodial-free version of the wallet for ZEC that supports t and z addresses.

In June 2019, they launched a version of this application for Android mobiles, called Shielded Guarda Wallet. Its developers claim that it is the first mobile wallet compatible with Sapling, in which shielded addresses can be used. After testing it with the Zcash community, the application is available in the Google Play Store, in its most recent version, released on September 14 of this year.

On social media this purse has had outstanding feedback on @ZcashFoundation, @ElectricCoinCo, and #Zcash community. In fact, on Twitter, the CEO of Guarda Wallet, Marija Carola announced that the update of said wallet was now available, for which she thanked the community that uses this wallet and the Zcash cryptocurrency.

The truth is that the interest in security in this type of cryptocurrency is increasingly high, and the aforementioned wallets have the objective of minimizing risks, so they seem a recommended option if investments in this type of assets begin to be considerable .

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Meet 3 wallets with support for armored addresses from Zcash

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