These zk-SNARKS contests offer $ 250,000 rewards for the Zcash privacy protocol

One of the more decentralized blockchain projects going on right now is looking for a few good zk-SNARKS developers.

Actually, more than a few.

In your last contest, the blockchain network community Free TON has set aside $ 250,000 in TON Crystal token rewards to attract developers who can create Zcash privacy protocols for Free TON.

The contest “Groth16 zk-SNARK Proof Verification Use Cases, which runs until July 1, is the first stage of a series of contests aimed at bringing zero-knowledge tests to the virtual machine TON. There will be 10 winners who will be distributed 320,000 TON in amounts ranging from 80,000 for the first place and 60,000 for the second to 5,000 for the tenth place.

Winners will be selected by a jury of experts chosen by the community who will share the rewards. It is a process that the community that governs the project – there is no foundation that controls it – considers it superior to subsidies or contracts distributed centrally. Among other things, contests often produce a number of workable solutions.

Which is exactly what the community wants, and another reason for the zk-SNARKS experts to introduce themselves. This contest is “the first in a series of ‘ZKP contests’ aimed at [motivar a la] Free TON developer community to test ready-made tools and to crowdsource simple ZKP use cases for testing “says the contest proposal.

Decentralized from day one

Free TON’s development strategy, focused on contests, It grew out of the unusual circumstances of Free TON’s birth, which allowed the community to take a different approach to its development.

The Free TON blockchain, highly scalable and secure, capable of carrying out millions of transactions per second thanks to dynamic fragmentation, came about when 17 independent developers came together to save the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain project after a court forced the messaging app developing it as a centralized project to withdraw.

This allowed Free TON to start with the kind of decentralized community governance that most projects aspire to.

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As a result, all five billion TON tokens are community owned and distributed – not sold – through community-developed and judged contests that reward contributions that help grow the network. So far, 570 million have been distributed to validators, developers and partners.

Free TON has held hundreds of contests on topics ranging from Hypercore and smart contract debuggers to implementing online auctions and designing the Crystal Wallet. Not all contests are tech-centric. The Free TON brand visual communication contest had five parts, including memes.

This has allowed Free TON to attract top development teams, such as RSquad, Broxus, and Origin Labs, to enter its contests.

And it has had results. On May 25, Free TON won the AIBC Dubai Summit Award for Blockchain Innovation

Privacy is a right

That said, privacy is an issue of special importance to the community, where the idea that anonymity is not just for criminals carries a lot of weightAccording to Ben Sunderland, community manager for Free TON’s lead developer, TON Labs.

“If we are to regain control of our data, the first step is to be able to protect it from prying eyes. It should be the individual’s choice whether or not to keep their transactions private. This contest represents Free TON’s intention to truly be a force for decentralized anarchy in the world. “

Privacy will continue to play an important role in Free TON’s goals for the coming year, especially in its work on an end-to-end decentralized application and no web server, as well as the double-sided NFTs known as Numiz, which have a publicly visible side and a private side only for the owner.

Other hot spots are a series of wallet extensions for the Chrome browser and the impending completion of Free TON’s merger with the Dune Network.

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These zk-SNARKS contests offer $ 250,000 rewards for the Zcash privacy protocol

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